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Freewheelin', free-feelin' Amy-Jean
Play me as hard as your Rock 'n Roll.

Boots, cigarettes and coffee; here for the good music, a good man that wants me and a good single malt .

Not in that order.

I'm young but old enough to know better; I'm artistic and romantic, struggling and staggering to keep up with the speed of my own dreams. Sometimes I'm impatient and crass, sometimes I'm the girl in boots and blue-jeans and rose-tinted glasses.
Mostly, I'm just trying to get shit done.
Struggletown; def: A place for a hardened tender-heart.

   Boris the Goose actually has the best lines in Balto. They wrote his character so well.

Seriously, I dont think I appreciated kids movies and their one-liners for their full worth as a kid. Like, Boris, is a fucking legend.

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